What We Do Not Do

1. We do not adjust, repair, reline, nor provide any type of reports on recent work (denture related), done by another provider and / or outside of Canada. This is due to a third party liability reasons as by touching someone’s work we will accept full responsibility and thus void the other provider’s warranty. At this time, we have numerous people calling or coming into our office with a request to fix and / or adjust recently made dentures made by other providers. Please note that we will simply ask you to return to your original provider for such work. All dentures and partials made by us come with our in house warranty and money back guarantee.

2. We do not provide dental extractions, root canal treatments, bone grafting, orthodontic work, fixed crown and bridge, implant placement, or any intraoral surgical procedures. We will refer you to your original dentist / oral surgeon, unless you will instruct us otherwise. We can refer you to one of the dentists or oral surgeons that we are working with in a collaborative team environment upon your request.

3. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer care home or hospital visits for our patients (mobile services). Our office is located on the main street level and has easy wheel chair access. Handy dart drop off or pick up can be arranged for you. Often, a parking spot can be secured if you ask us in advance.

4. If you only speak a foreign language other than English or any of the languages listed on our site, we kindly request that you come with an interpreter, in order for us to serve you in a better, more efficient way and avoid any unnecessary mistakes or confusion.

NO torn paper