Modeling And Plate Waxes

Country of origin: Germany origin germany

Here in Shmitsmans Denture Clinic we only source the best quality dental laboratory waxes available on the market today. In our long-lasting tradition we offer wax base plates in many variations which we constantly adapt to the needs of our patients and achieve best possible results in our denture manufacturing process. Do you prefer a hard, soft or elastic wax? We feature different qualities from soft to very hard. They also come in different taste variations, therefore when we perform certain intraoral procedures our clients can enjoy the tastes of vanilla, strawberry, and mint. Little things like this make your experience in Shmitsman’s Denture Clinic much more pleasant.To meet specific manufacturing requirements we divide the different qualities furthermore in summer (harder), medium and winter (softer). One essential decision criteria for wax sheets is the point of solidification when performing our denture set up procedure in the laboratory setting. We set a high value on the quality of our waxes to eliminate any room for an error and thus provide our patients with a superior product.