Standard Grade Teeth

Basic denture teeth by Heraeus Kulzer

Country of origin: Germany

The transparent incisor area of the tooth with the natural shaping of the mamelons makes the anterior teeth look alive. The Basic anterior tooth morphology is based on the accepted teaching and theory of Professor Kretschmer who described thee basic people appearances: long / slender, short / squat, and muscular / robust.

The incisal edge is well defined and the life – like mamelons create a deeply translucent appearance. The transparent enamel coating covers the entire tooth and tapers out in the cervical area. These are typical characteristics for the European layering technology with its unique aesthetics. Basic posterior teeth are most commonly used for partial dentures. This use is based on the scientific theory of Gysi and those denture teeth had been used in Europe and North America for numerous years with great results.

Through centralized occlusion and excursion movements, the cusps guarantee an even, stable contact and guidance. Its buccal cup angulation of 33 degrees fit perfectly into the existing natural dentition. This is why it is widely used in complete maxillary denture restorations with an opposing natural dentition, or partial restorative cases.

Tribos 501 denture teeth. NFP by Dr. Dieter Shulz

Country of origin: Germany

Tribos 501 are high quality denture teeth developed in diagonal grid PMMA structure in a new condensation method: “Mega – Press – Inject” to optimize the density and hardness of the tooth surface. This production in 3 layers affords the same quality performance in all areas and cusp inclinations of the tooth surface. This plays an excellent result with the durability and plaque sensitivity of the prosthetic device. The user will feel the precision of the shape and hardness of the Tribos 501 when using it for the first time, which is comparable to the precision of the CAD/CAM technology.

This new line of teeth had been used recently in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan for complete, partial, and implant restorative cases.

TruExpression by Dentsply Sirona

Country of origin: USA

Dentsply Sirona introduces its newest denture tooth line, TruExpression multi cross-linked denture teeth. For the patient seeking the next step in improved dental appearance and functional durability, TruExpression denture teeth offer a harmony of “True-To-Life” shade blending and deluxe anatomy choices with the durability of MXL material.

With the TruExpression denture tooth line, Dentsply Sirona Laboratories has been able to offer a limited 10 year warranty against premature chipping or breakage of denture teeth.

This new line of teeth has been recently used for standard complete and partial restorative cases in North America, and increasingly in some countries in Europe and Asia.

Crown and Efucera PX by Yamahachi Dental MFG. Co.

Country of origin: Japan

Crown and Efucera PX new composite / acrylic mix type of teeth are very esthetically pleasing in shape and color. The surface hardness of Yamahachi denture teeth is double that of standard grade acrylic teeth used for basic dentures today. Tests prove that Yamahachi denture teeth have high endurance capabilities during clinical use. However, the surface of the composite resign teeth is susceptible to staining with the usage of certain types of foods or drinks, thus proper cleaning and aftercare is essential. Usually, composite resin teeth consist of urethane dimethacrylate or Bis-GMA and a multi layer filler, which is susceptible to staining. Yamahachi Dental have attempted to combat this weak point in Crown and Efucera PX with excellent test results. Yamahachi’s special manufacturing process, as well as unique fluro – methacrylate monomer has led us to an advanced type of composite resin teeth.

This new line of teeth has been recently widely used in Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand for complete and partial case restorations, with so far outstanding results.

Myerson Special Tooth Line

Myerson Special Tooth Line

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Myerson special anterior teeth are made with Myerson’s time proven “Durablend” formula, dentistry’s original highly cross – linked copolymer resin, providing excellent resistance to wear and fracture. Myerson special anterior teeth are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, thanks to their “enamelescence” – opalescence and translucence combined, just as nature does to human enamel. Myerson special composite teeth have the durable resign reinforced with sub-micron silica, further enhancing their hardness and resistance to wear. These teeth are sought after by the patients who desire a more natural, authentic smile and would like to avoid a “Hollywood glamor” look.

Myerson teeth have been used for over 95 years in the denture profession and have been extensively used in complete and partial denture restoration cases in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Caribbean, South Africa, and parts of Asia, with great results and feed back.

SR Ortholingual S DCL by Ivoclar


Country of origin: Liechtenstein Country of origin: Liechtenstein

This new line of denture teeth by Ivoclar is the posterior tooth for sophisticated needs. Esthetically and prosthetically functional, it is a perfect match to the SR Vivodent S DCL anterior tooth. The posterior tooth moulds have been further developed to feature a modern appearance and meet the high requirements placed on prosthetic and esthetic qualities of modern removable prosthesis. Due to a static orientation, these denture teeth are especially suitable for implant – supported, removable restorations. These teeth are entirely made of highly cross – linked DCL acrylic (double cross – linked). The result is a material that displays a higher compressive strength but a similar flexibility to a conventional PMMA. For this reason, improved denture longevity and preservation of occlusal anatomy can be expected. This new line of teeth by Ivoclar Vivodent were developed by Swiss and Italian dental technicians, chemical engineers, and denturists to provide the best possible outcomes for an edentulous patients undergoing implant supported denture treatment. SR Ortholingual S DCL denture teeth are gaining a popularity in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Many clinicians are also making it a denture tooth of choice for complete removable dentures for patients with a heavy bite, limited interocclusal space, and quality cast partial restorative cases (especially with an opposing porcelain crown and bridge restorations).