Denture Base

Candulor Heat Cure Acrylic

Country of origin: Switzerland
We use 10 hour heat curing acrylic made by Candulor (Switzerland), and we have the entire spectrum of the harmonious Candulor system. This gives the option of recreating the natural perfection of the gingiva. This material has been developed by Swiss chemical engineers, denturists, and dental technicians. It has undergone numerous tests during which its superior high impact strength, color stability, fitting surface after processing, low residual monomer content, and minimal bite expansion were recorded and confirmed.

For premium precision cases we have an option of Ivobase injection acrylic made by Ivoclar Vivadent (Liechtenstein), this system produces and excellent denture base due to its very strong, high impact properties, minimal shrinkage thus eliminating remount procedures, very durable color stability, minimal staining and bacterial build up.

We can also use Ivobase injection acrylic which is extremely strong with outstanding high impact qualities for our high end premium denture cases.