Giving back to the community program

In Shmitsman denture clinic we had created a special program with an intent to help the people of Greater Vancouver who do not come from vast financial backgrounds but would like to eat and smile with confidence. We believe that it is possible to help many disadvantaged people, even though many cannot afford to pay prices suggested by our current fee guides.

Please note that our clinic is not sponsored by the Ministry of Health in any way and the services are provided to people in need simply in good will. We do accept between 2 to 4 ministry and / or pro-bono patients per month, and we do require that you place yourself on a wait list as we are always busy with our regular workload. Vancouver has become a very expensive city for an average working person, let alone someone who is disabled or retired. Thus if you feel that you are in need of denture therapy and cannot afford it, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We have various options available such as: referring you to a low cost dental clinic, flexible financing options, reduced fees, and genuine desire to help you smile.