Premium Permanent Soft Liners

Numerous people have been reporting having trouble with their complete lower dentures. This is very common due to various issues such as: extremely resorbed lower residual ridge, insufficient tongue space, limited inter – occlusal space, etc. People may seek and find different solutions such as: ridge augmentation, guided bone regeneration (GBR), implant placement, suction denture technique, and constant use of denture adhesives. Nevertheless, permanent soft liner has been found to provide the edentulous patient who may have a notable ridge deficiency with increased comfort and reduction of gingival sore spots. We use permanent, heat cured soft liner from Germany which can be used on a complete edentulous ridge, lower implant supported denture, or a free – end cast partial denture. Soft liner helps to provide a cushioning effect for your lower denture thus eliminating sore spots, however it does not aid retention of the denture. Furthermore, it requires proper hygiene and cleaning to prevent staining and bacterial build up. For many people who are having retention or stability problems with their complete lower dentures the only successful long term solution may be implant placement or a suction denture technique.