Gingival build up, glazing, toning, and characterization for complete and partial dentures

Want to make your dentures look as natural as possible, especially if you have a high smile line (meaning your gums show above your teeth when you smile)? We have numerous options for you to make it look as realistic as possible. This is done with specific wax up, build up, glazing, and gingival toning technique which is meticulously applied to the gingival border areas of your finished dentures. Various shades and glaze brightness can be selected by you, this is what makes your finished dentures very personalized and unlike any other ones out there. Furthermore, the inner gingival denture base can also be characterized with root structures and rugae (for denture palate). Rugae helps the tongue feel more natural and aids with speech of the complete upper denture. Please note that the additional costs associated with such procedures are not part of our regular fees as it will take lots of extra time and materials to personalize your dentures with these techniques.