SEMCD Lower Suction Dentures

We are now offering complete lower suction effective dentures, which utilize the most up to date techniques and materials. Additional chair and laboratory time will be required to produce such lower denture for an edentulous patient, thus resulting in several more appointments. Furthermore, not all patients will be eligible to qualify for such suction dentures due to individual intraoral anatomical risk factors. Nonetheless, even in those cases this technique will still produce a lower denture which is far superior in function and stability in comparison to its standard alternative. Recently Eugene had undergone an extensive one on one training with Dr. Jiro Abe of Tokyo, Japan, who had created and improved such technique for his patients over the many years of a restorative dental practice. Dr. Abe is able to achieve effective suction and stability with his complete lower dentures in over 80% of his edentulous cases. To see if you qualify for a suction effective complete lower denture please do not hesitate to schedule your complimentary consultation.

In simple words, the complete lower suction effective denture stays tight in your mouth as all the denture borders are perfectly sealed during all functions such as talking or chewing. To get such measurements and perfect impressions, denturist must use specific material, techniques, and spend much more time with you in the chair, as well as in a laboratory setting. This is very time consuming and fine detail oriented work.