Name Insertion

Loss of dentures and partials is now at an epidemic levels in many care homes and other retirement facilities, quite often it is due to a mix up of dentures among residents who have various conditions such as Alzheimer’s, eventually leading to seniors not wearing them and dentures ending up in the garbage bins or being discarded by other residents or staff. Name insertion is a very cost effective procedure which can prevent such mix ups as it can be easily recovered and traced to a particular home resident. If your dentures are lost and the patient has mobility issues, it will be very cost prohibitive to produce a new set as it will often require several visits of the practitioner to a care home to obtain impressions, measurements, and wax up try ins prior to finishing the dentures in a dental laboratory, thus doubling the time required to produce a new set of dentures. As we had found with many of our patients, something as simple as a name insertion can go a long way.