Our Mission

To provide you with an education of all types of denture treatments. To make sure that you smile, eat, talk, and laugh with confidence every single day, for many years to come!

Welcome to Our Denture Clinic!

At our denture clinic on Renfrew Street, we strive to provide our patients with state of the art personal and professional care you can trust. Located in the heart of Vancouver and just 5 minute walking distance from Renfrew Skytrain station, we are a denture clinic with a strong focus on restoring smiles and your ability to eat comfortably.

We only use high end European and North American materials and all our work is done in our on – site laboratory. You can be assured that none of our work is outsourced outside of country, and every step of our laboratory production is personally checked and verified by both the denturist and our dental technician who have many years of professional expertise. In today’s world, large corporations are swallowing many BC dental practices at an ever increasing pace, optometry and pharmacy both went down that road many years ago. Our patients will be happy to know that we have a small, family run denture clinic which places patient’s interests prior to corporate profits.

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordable prices
  • Latest technology
  • On-site laboratory
  • European materials
  • Meticulous approach
  • Dental financing
  • Money back guarantee
  • One year full warranty
  • Giving back to the community program
  • Third generation of denturist experience
  • We design with you program (for dentists and specialists)
  • Returning patient loyalty program
  • Complete One Year Warranty / Limited Three Year Warranty
  • Patented technology
  • Proudly Canadian canada flag

Smile Team

Vancouver denturist Eugene Shmitsman and his younger brother and colleague Dimitry Shmitsman offer a full range of removable restorative prosthetic treatments, using latest materials and technology, with genuine concern for each patient’s individual needs. We take great pride in our work and the privilege to help people of Greater Vancouver area. You will find that we always strive to give back to our community by offering excellent quality work at very reasonable cost. We also accept all dental plans including Ministry Services and Disability, Victim’s Services, and First Nations health services.

Our seniors and veterans will be eligible for additional discounts on top of already competitive prices. We have dental financing in our office for those who are in difficult financial straits as we believe that everyone deserves to eat and smile with confidence. Following our affordable one on one consultation, you will be presented with all available treatment options and will never feel rushed into a decision which you do not feel comfortable with. Our team consists of highly trained, passionate professionals who take pride in what they do and providing you with extraordinary care and attention to your concerns. Learn more ..