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Vancouver denturist Eugene Shmitsman and his younger brother and colleague Dimitry Shmitsman offer a full range of removable restorative prosthetic treatments, using latest materials and technology, with genuine concern for each patient’s individual needs. We take great pride in our work and the privilege to help people of Greater Vancouver area. You will find that we always strive to give back to our community by offering excellent quality work at very reasonable cost. We also accept all dental plans including Ministry Services and Disability, Victim’s Services, and First Nations health services. Our seniors and veterans will be eligible for additional discounts on top of already competitive prices. We have dental financing in our office for those who are in difficult financial straits as we believe that everyone deserves to eat and smile with confidence. Our team consists of highly trained, passionate professionals who take pride in what they do and providing you with extraordinary care and attention to your concerns.

Meet Eugene Shmitsman, Denturist

Eugene Shmitsman Denturist
Whether you require a complete denture for the first time or a simple denture repair, Eugene believes building open and trusting long – term relationships with patients and their families is essential to his practice. Eugene was raised in Vancouver, attended Vancouver Technical Secondary School, and graduated from Vancouver Community College. Prior to enrolling in the denturist program he worked as a dental technician for a very well established denturist in Vancouver, side by side with two denturists and several dental technicians in a very busy laboratory setting. His main duties at the time included but were not limited to the following: plaster work, custom trays, bite blocks, denture wax ups, denture repairs, trimming and polishing of processed dentures and partials.
Eugene continued working part – time in the same denture clinic while attending VCC denturist program. Throughout his early career in the dental laboratory field he became ever more interested in denturism as a career due to realization that this field combines oral care, technical, and artistic skills for the benefit of the public in our community. After completion of his internship portfolio in 2007, Eugene challenged the Denturist BC provincial exam and passed on the1st attempt.Eugene Shmitsman has been practicing denturism exclusively in the city of Vancouver since 2007, and had often participated in the community dental days which were sponsored by BC Dental Association. During this time numerous dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, denturists, and dental technicians volunteered their free time by giving back to those less fortunate in our community. Eugene regularly attends professional development courses for denturists and dental technicians in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Over the years, he had fabricated and fitted thousands of complete, partial, and implant supported dentures in collaboration with other numerous dental professionals in BC. Eugene Shmitsman is a proud member in good standing of:
– British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals, BCCOHP
– Denturist Association of BC
– Denturist Association of Canada
– National Denturist Association, USA
– Seniors Services Society of BC, SSSBC.

When Eugene is not providing denture care at his Vancouver office, he enjoys spending time with his family, skiing and hiking local BC mountains, yoga, and golfing. He frequently volunteers his time on both sons’ hockey teams with Vancouver Minor Hockey Association, and everyone knows that being a hockey parent is not an easy task! Eugene also enjoys painting and classical music: Shostakovich, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Beethoven, Schubert, Bach, Chopin, and Tchaikovsky are some of his favorites.

Meet Dimitry Shmitsman, Denturist, Dental Technician

denture team member
Dimitry Shmitsman was raised in Vancouver, went to Laura Secord Elementary and Vancouver Technical Secondary High School both of which are in a very close in proximity to Shmitsman’s Denture Clinic. Since grade 8 he started to excel in hands on courses such as metal works, woodworks and mechanics.
He feels very fortunate to have the joy of fabricating all possible types of removable denture prosthetics in the very same community that he had grown up in. Allowing him to give back to the community in the aspect of restoring people’s confidence and quality of life with aesthetically and functionally beautiful dentures that are custom hand crafted with quality workmanship and most importantly passion and love for the profession.
Dimitry’s background involved many hands on activities which led him to pursue Dental Technology which he had graduated as a Certified Dental Technician on June 19th 2015. During his schooling of dental technology local labs took quick interest in his skills and abilities and hired him to work part time while attending school full time. One laboratory (Protec) happened to be the largest in Vancouver where he was situated in the denture department; the other lab (Perrin) was a smaller cast partial lab in Vancouver. There he was working as a cast partial dental technician. After graduation he decided to take Protec’s offer to join them full time in the denture department. It didn’t take long for him to realize his passion for doing his own quality work which made him decide to go back to school and become a licensed registered Denturist, this would allow him not only to make his own quality dentures from start to finish but also fit his own patients with the same dentures that he had fabricated. In turn this would allow him to see the joy, satisfaction and the improvement of quality of life for his patients, rather than just sending them away to the dentist that ordered them.
After graduating the Denturist program on November 25th 2017, Dimitry challenged the Dentursit B.C provincial exam and passed on his 1st attempt which was the most difficult exam in all of Canada at the time.
He started working at Shmitsman’s Denture Clinic when it was formally known as Landsberger Denture Clinic on October 1st 2016 and has been making quality dentures ever since. In 2019 Dimitry and his brother Eugene had fully taken over the practice as their colleague Phillip Landsberger had retired.
Today Dimitry enjoys the challenges of the most difficult denture cases that are known to Denturists and is sought after by many local and non local dentists throughout B.C that need an expert to handle a difficult case, yet he always guarantees his work. In addition, Dimitry travels the world learning from a wide array of well known professionals in the field of Denturism and dental technology to better his knowledge and skills of the profession to have the ability to produce the best possible denture prosthetics to his beloved patients. He believes that you should always strive to become better and wiser in your field of work.Dimitry is a proud member of:
– British Columbia College of Oral Health Professionals, BCCOHP
– Denturist Association of Canada
– Denturist Association of B.C.
When Dimitry is not making dentures he enjoys spending his free time with his wife, son, parents, brother, nephews and his close friends. He also enjoys doing many indoor and outdoor family activities together as well as coaching his son in life and in sports. He enjoys skiing and ice-skating in the winter and swimming, hiking, playing basketball and golfing in the summer.

Meet Marion Gonzalez, Office and Laboratory Manager

Marion denturist team member
Marion has been with us in Shmitsman Denture Clinic since 2008 as our office and dental laboratory manager. She was personally trained in all aspects of denture fabrication procedures by Karl Landsberger, Phillip Landsberger, and Eugene Shmitsman. Now she helps us manage our busy operation and oversees the final touch ups before denture investment and processing. During her spare time she likes to volunteer at her local kingdom hall and abroad, where her good personality and kindness goes a long way.

Meet Cesar Miranda Zazueta, Dental Laboratory Assistant

denture team member
Cesar was born in Mexico City where he first worked for a large dental laboratory supply company. Now he is working in our clinic as a dental laboratory staff member focusing on investing, processing, trimming, polishing, gingival build up, toning and characterization of finished complete and partial dentures. When he is not working at our office he likes to venture out into sunny Tsawwassen, take a ferry ride to Victoria, or explore the Sunshine Coast. He is very interested in outdoor photography and you will bump into him on our local hiking trails with a professional camera.

Meet Amilia Shmitsman, Laboratory and Sterilization Technician

Amilia Shmitsman, Laboratory and Sterilization Technician

Amilia had recently joined our clinic following her retirement from a lengthy career in BC. Cancer Agency’s diagnostic cytology and immunology laboratory, as well as BC Children Hospital’s virology laboratory, and a BC Centre of Disease Control (BCCDC).

Amilia came to a conclusion that she did not want to stay home during her retirement and decided to bring her extensive laboratory and sterilization skills to our clinic. Amilia feels fortunate to work beside her sons and to share her vast knowledge in the medical laboratory field acquired in Canada and abroad. At the present time Amilia is responsible for all sterilization and sanitation tasks of our denturist operatories, dental laboratory, tools, materials, and equipment. She is also in charge of our regular communication which takes place between allied oral specialists such as: denturists, dental technicians, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, and ear nose throat specialists. Lastly, Amilia is responsible for our on – site workplace hazardous materials information system (WHMIS), associated Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), precautions, and protocols for use, storage, and handling of various dental laboratory materials. A hazard is anything that can cause harm, as such a denturist practice and its dental laboratory must have policies and procedures in place that guide staff on how to respond when hazard is anticipated in order to reduce any possible risks to the staff or patients. During her free time Amilia enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, children, husband, siblings, cooking, swimming, gardening, and traveling.

Meet Rebecca Mc Guinness, Receptionist and Denturist Assistant

Rebecca Mc Guinness, Receptionist and Denturist Assistant
Rebecca is from County Sligo, Ireland, where she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Sligo It University. Rebecca has been calling Vancouver her home since 2019. She has fallen in love with our city due to its many outdoor activities, food options, and natural surroundings. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, camping, art creation, and spending time with some furry friends.

Frederic Samorodin, Registered Physiotherapist

Fred Samorodin

Fred Samorodin is from Trail, BC. He has attended Rogers Senior Secondary in Nelson and Selkirk College in Castlegar. Fred graduated from UBC Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine in 1976. Since that time he has continued on with his studies of Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation, Craniosacral Therapy, and Osteopathic Manual Therapy in Europe and the USA. He is a contributing author of the book: The Malalignment Syndrome, Implications for Medicine and Sport. Schamberger, Webster, Samorodin. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh 2002.

Fred Samorodin integrates combinations of Craniosacral Therapy, TMJ Disorders, General Physiotherapy, and Osteopathic Manipulation into his practice. These therapeutic techniques are beneficial in resolving pain and supporting healing throughout the body, including the back, neck, skull, TMJ, facial bones, pelvis, organs, and limbs.

Fred is on the board of directors of Lower Mainland Doukhobor, Benevolent Society and a member of City Soul Choir. He has been in private practice in Vancouver since 1981 to present, with the main focus on integrated craniosacral and jaw physiotherapy services, and private physiotherapy practices. During his free time, Fred enjoys jazz guitar, poetry, skiing, Doukhobor history, and culture.

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