Denture Relines and Rebases

As the denture bearing gingival surface changes shape due to the changes of alveolar bone which undergoes resorption (shrinkage), a reline or a rebase becomes a necessity. If dentures are not relined on time it will lead to them becoming ill – fitting, easily jumping out of your mouth while you talk or eat. Furthermore, as the dentures become ill – fitting, they create various and unexpected gingival sore spots in your mouth due to an absence of an optimal fit. Dentures are recommended to be relined every 2-3 years, although individual cases may vary. During a reline all the existing acrylic base is removed and replaced with a new base which fits optimally in your mouth, the denture teeth and their position remain the same. We provide heat cured relines to make sure you will get excellent acrylic polymerization and thus avoid any possibility of an acrylic allergy, get strong, stain resistant denture base which is not weak or brittle.