Special Order / Mixed Use Teeth

Luxodent Zahnfabric (Porcelain)

Country of Origin: Germany

Levin Bladed Teeth (Cast Bladed)

Country of Origin: USA (Levin)

Vivodent Ivoclar (Porcelain)

County of Origin: Liechtenstein

Bonartic CT Candulor (Porcelain)

special order bonatric
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Lumin Vacuum Vita (Porcelain)

Country of Origin: Germany (Vita),

Some of our patients require a very specific, selective, and personalized approach. One can have a very strong bite and inconsistent jaw movements during mastication. In such cases we order a very specialized product from different manufacturers and effectively mix and combine such products based on our knowledge and many years of experience. This is done to achieve optimal results for our patients regardless of the difficulty level we are presented with.