Premium Acrylic, Composite and Porcelain Teeth

We are seeing more and more repairs and adjustments requested by many of our patients who had work done outside of Canada. Unfortunately, we will refuse to repair some of such work based on case by case evaluation, as we cannot guarantee successful results and due to a third party liability issues. The most common reason for such repairs is the speedy wear and tear factor of denture teeth and denture base acrylic sourced from the developing nations. Numerous people will travel to Mexico and Thailand to get a set of dentures made for $ 400 – 500 Canadian Dollars. However, in many instances there is a reason for such cost. The materials are sub – standard in comparison with materials sourced from Germany, USA, Japan, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Canada. They may be only destined to last for a year, maximum two. Furthermore, the chemical components of such materials are fully unknown to us, cannot be verified upon visual examination, and may require a laboratory analysis to ensure that the toxicity levels are not above the North American regulation protocol. All of our denture teeth, denture high impact acrylic base, laboratory silicon patty, impression materials, cast alloys, gold, titanium, platinum, clasp wiring, etc. are CSA approved and only sourced from Europe, USA, Japan, and Canada. We want our dentures to last you a long time and avoid unnecessary repairs and adjustments which will cost you more and more down the road, should you choose to get cheaper dentistry done outside of the country. In Shmitsman Denture Clinic we take our quality of our work very seriously and will provide you with above standard workmanship and warranty.