Swing Lock Hinge Partial

Here in Shmitsman’s Denture Clinic we had successfully used one of our favorite cast partial designs which we call a swing lock hinge partial denture. This particular design has been used in Europe for a long time and proven over the years to provide immense benefits such as:

1. Stabilizing the remaining natural anterior teeth which have some mobility issues

2. It can help facial contouring and provide the needed lip support for the patient with collapsing facial structures (struts are placed below or above lip reflection lines)

3. Provides even distribution of load among all supporting teeth, and relieves the immediate stress on adjacent anterior teeth.

4. Passive engagement of all remaining abutments during mastication, and in many cases this partial design can actually strengthen the supporting distal abutments because of occlusal stress reduction qualities.

5. It can be also used with permanent soft liner for free – end denture bearing surface areas, thus providing extra cushioning type of effect in case there is severe posterior residual ridge resorption.

6. Additions can be easily provided by laser welding technique if there is a future gradual loss of anterior abutment teeth.