Our Location

Vancouver denture clinic at Renfrew locationShmitsman’s Denture Clinic had recently moved from our location on Commercial Drive, where we had served the public of Vancouver since 1958.

Our clinic is now located at 1623 Renfrew St. Vancouver. BC.

As our business had undergone a significant expansion over the years, we had searched for larger premises to accommodate our growing needs. Furthermore, many of our patients are now residing in the North Shore, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, New Westminster, and Vancouver. Thus Renfrew Street’s location naturally came to mind due to its easy accessibility from the Second Narrows bridge, and therefore West and North Vancouver. Also, we are located just off Hwy 1 exit with 1st Avenue crossing, and only four bus stops away from Renfrew Skytrain Station. Finally, our clinic is in very close proximity to most residents in Vancouver and Burnaby. The name Renfrew comes from the old British rhyme meaning point at a current, or in Scottish Gaelic, Rinn Friu. Renfrew Street had served as an entry point to the city of Vancouver since early 1900, during an era where anything east of Boundary Road was still mostly farmland and forest. Vancouver had undergone drastic changes over the last 100 years, nevertheless Renfrew Street still serves our city as an important entry point even today. The street had also gone through some changes over the years. It is no longer a street lined with exclusively single-family homes. Here you will find T&T supermarket, numerous restaurants and cafes such as Rib and Chicken, East One Seafood, Jiro Sushi and Ramen, and 1st Ave. Animal Hospital. Commercial Drive with its many restaurants, shops, and cafes is only one train stop away from Renfrew Skytrain Station or a five-minute drive. Plenty of free public parking can still be found in close proximity to our location in comparison with the severe lack of parking elsewhere. Best of all, we are located on the main street level and have easy handicapped access for wheelchair entry.

We believe that it is important to support your own community where you live and work, and in return, the community supports you as well by providing you with a returning opportunity. This is one of the reasons why our reputation is well known among Vancouverites coming from all walks of life and backgrounds.