Our History

Our clinic used to be called Landsberger Denture Clinic and was founded by Karl Landsberger in 1958. This correlates with the time of denturism as a profession being proposed, initiated, and legalized in BC, Karl Landsberger along with several other dental mechanics was one of the first in BC, who started the process of advancing this profession into the BC legislature. Prior to the establishment of this profession, denturists used to be dental technicians who were specializing in delivering dentures to the public through dentists. Before moving to Vancouver from Europe Karl was a master dental technician, and was involved in all aspects of dental technology but with a strong focus on removable dentures. He worked in his clinic on Commercial Drive from 1958 to 2013. His name and reputation is well known among thousands of patients, many great dentists, and local BC MLA’s. Karl raised two children: Gail and Phillip Landsberger. Gail became a very well known and passionate dentist who had successfully practiced in North Vancouver for almost forty years. She had greatly contributed to the dental profession by often serving on the committees established by the college of Oral Surgeons of BC, and volunteering locally and abroad. Phillip continued to follow his father’s footsteps and worked beside his father as a dental technician and later a denturist from the age of 14 to 61. Over the years he trained numerous people who became denturists and dental technicians and served on the College of Denturists Committees to give back to the profession and general public. Karl and Phillip decided to take on Eugene Shmitsman as an apprentice in 2008. Eugene was very lucky to work beside an old master who personally trained him and shared his vast knowledge acquired in this field over the years in Europe and later Canada. After passing of Karl in 2013, Phillip and Eugene continued to work together until 2018, this is when Phillip had decided to retire and Eugene took possession of the business and re-named it to Shmitsman Denture Clinic. Phillip still helps us in our dental laboratory, but he is not working as much as he used to as he is now starting to enjoy his quality time in retirement and is learning new hobbies such as musical instruments and a new language. Eugene’s younger brother Dimitry Shmitsman joined the clinic as an intern denturist in 2017, and brought in his own experience of working as a dental technician for one of the largest dental laboratories located in Greater Vancouver. Dimitry is now learning all the combined experience that Eugene was fortunate to receive from Karl and Phillip’s lengthy careers. At this point we are a third generation of denturists and dental technicians who combine the knowledge and experience of an old European school with the new North American standards and technology.