What To Expect

1st Visit (45 min.- 1hr) – Consultation, oral examination, treatment plan discussion and possibly:

a. Preliminary impressions, if we are starting complete dentures, or you have a signed referral from a dentist / oral surgeon for a partial, root retained, or an implant supported denture advising us to start with the treatment.

b. Partial or an overdenture (retained roots or implants) design and referral to a dentist or oral surgeon for possible additional dental work such as: cleaning, fillings, extractions, survey crowns, rest seat preparations, crown lengthening, occlusal height reduction, tooth whitening, etc. It is very important to complete all necessary dental work prior to us starting with the treatment as it will result in better quality, long term success of your treatment. The dentist will provide you or us directly with the signed design and treatment plan approval upon completion of all required dental work.

30% of the total fee will be required during this time for us to start the preliminary impressions.

2nd Visit (45 min – 1 hr.)

a. Final impressions with a custom tray using a more percise and very accurate impression materials.

b. Preliminary bite registration using specially made wax bite blocks, we will also take some measurements during this time: mid line, plane of occlusion, vertical distance measurement, high smile line, etc.

c. Often we will also do a tooth and shade selection togeter with you as the patient, where you can advise us on the desired tooth color, size, form, curvature, from the tooth selection provided by us. You can also provide us with photos or images of the desired smile or when you were younger in order for us to provide you with the most desired type of smile.

3rd Visit (30- 45 min) – premium or precision cases only

a. Pin tracing bite registartion procedure (to record the most accurate jaw movements and transfer those to to our laboratory setting for a tooth set up procedure).

b. Face bow transfer (to record the most accurate, natural position of your maxilla and trasfer it to our laboratory setting for a tooth set up procedure).

4th Visit (45 min – 1 hr)

a. Wax up try in of your future dentures (teeth will be set in special hardened wax models) in the mouth.

b. Verification of your speech, smile, color, lip support, plane of occlusion, bite consistency, stability, retention, lateral and protrusive jaw movements, vertical dimension, and anterior tooth curvature according to your desires.

c. Getting your signed confirmation for us to process the prosthesis in our laboratory, if your are happy with all the factors mentioned above, you are welcome to bring a friend, relative, or spouse for this appointment to get an extra opinion.

70% of the remaining total fee balance is required at the end of this appointment.

5th Visit (45 min – 1 hr.)

a. Inserting the dentures or overdentures in the mouth, checking and verifying: speech, bite, stability, retention, esthetics, vertical dimension, lip support, smile line, etc.

b. Providing you with instructions related to: aftercare, cleaning, and initial function with your new prosthetics.

6th Visit, 10 days after insertion (15 – 20 min)

a. Follow up, checking for sore spots, premature occlusal contacts, bilateral bite stability, retention, tissue comfort, phonetics, etc.

b. Possible occlusal and / or denture base adjustments.

7th Visit, 7 days after initial follow up appointment (15 – 20 min) For premium or precision cases only

a. PIPLW technique for complete denture cases only (can be implant or root locator / tip supported)

b. Possible PIPLW technique adjustments.