Dental Alloys

In Shmitsman’s Denture Clinic you can rest assured that only top quality dental alloys are selected for the fabrication of our cast partial and implant supported dentures. We only use BEGO Wironium, extra hard. This framework material has been used in Europe and North America since 1972 with great results and feedback. This material can be very thin in margins, yet extremely strong and non-brittle. It allows for easy additions of new teeth and clasps, laser welds, repairs, framework extensions, and conversions to complete dentures. It is biocompatible and corrosion resistant, as evident in a 7 year old cast partials with non stained stippling surface. It has undergone numerous tests by Dr. Henning and Co. Dental Engineering, Basel, Switzerland, and have been found to be fully biocompatible without any side effects or allergies, from prolonged and regular intra oral use.

Country of origin: Germany