Complete One Year Warranty / Limited Three Year Warranty

We provide complete warranty for our dentures and partials for one year following insertion date. Our warranty covers all repairs and adjustments. Please note that relines required as a result of bone resorption (tissue shrinkage), and loss of dentures is not covered under our warranty policy.
We also provide a limited three years warranty on all our complete dentures, partial dentures, and implant dentures. We will repair any damage to your denture free of charge if such damage is a result of faulty material or our workmanship, pending that your regular denture relines were done on time and you were committed to our annual follow-up aftercare appointments. In other cases where breakage or fracture had taken place as a result of an ill-fitting denture which had not been relined, adjusted, or involved another provider who may have adjusted, relined, repaired, and / or provided crowns, bridges, additions, extractions, or work on the opposing dentition or a prosthetic device which may have altered the denture fitting abutments and/or tissue supported areas of the prosthesis, or an occlusal scheme of our original prosthesis, will be automatically disqualified from the limited 3-year warranty and will face regular fees associated with the repairs, additions, or relines.