COVID 19 Office Policy

Dear existing and future patients of Shmitsman’s Denture Clinic, due to the current situation associated with COVID 19 worldwide pandemic, we currently have new protocol in place as required by BC Ministry of Health, Work Safe BC, and College of Denturists of BC. These are specific guidelines which the denturists, their office staff, and general public must adhere to, in order for us to be able to provide you with denture services in a safe, secure, and efficient environment. If you feel that you cannot follow such guidelines we ask you to postpone the denture treatment until regulations for oral health care practitioners change, as will be announced by the BC Ministry of Health and College of Denturists of BC.

1. All new patients must fill out their patient file online prior to coming into our office in person, this form can be found under:, go to page: Services, go to: For new patients. This will allow us to minimize personal contact on site.

2. We do not take any walk in patients right now, all appointments must be booked in advance.

3. We allow maximum of two patients on site at the time, if you are coming with a friend or family member, they can drop you off at the front door and pick you up at the end of your appointment.

4. We had provided a separate washroom located at the entrance of our clinic for patients only. There will be soap and disinfectant provided for you to wash your hands upon entry. You will be asked to wash your hands at the beginning and at the end of your appointment. You will be asked to rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouth wash immediately prior to a denturist starting any intraoral procedure.

5. All coats, jackets, hats must be left at the waiting area, there will be a separate space provided for such items.

6. You must reschedule your appointment in advance if you are experiencing or had experienced in the past 14 days: symptoms of cold, fever, body aches, loss of taste, runny nose, fever, respiratory symptoms, and / or if you had traveled outside the province of BC in the past 14 days, or had knowingly or unknowingly came into a close contact with a person who may have experienced such symptoms or may be suspected to be a COVID 19 carrier.

7. We are staggering our clinical appointments in such a way as to allow adequate, non rushed time with the patient due to required cleaning and disinfection procedures of our premises and equipment during such appointment and in between patients.

8. Our dental laboratory production line is working at 50% capacity to allow for proper sterilization of tools and materials, to prevent cross contamination, and to prevent overstaffing on premises as we must adhere to the social distancing protocol among staff members. This will undoubtedly increase waiting periods for any new patients seeking denture treatments and will also lengthen the time required to produce a new denture, partial denture, or an implant supported denture for the patient currently undergoing treatment.

9. As our clinic is not working at full capacity and reduced schedule is now in effect, we must prioritize our denture treatment procedures. Thus, first patients in line will be those who require an emergency denture service such as a repair or adjustment of a denture causing acute pain due to it having a sharp edge and possibly cutting into the tongue, cheek, lip, or an ill – fitting denture reline which causes the patient pain and discomfort thus injuring the oral structures while in use. Next we will take on patients who had paid a deposit and started their procedures prior to COVID 19 lockdown. Lastly, we will take on any initial consultations or patients requiring new denture services.

10. If you have any questions or concerns kindly call us at: (604) 253 – 0252. Unfortunately, we may not be able to answer the phone during a clinical procedure due to all our focus and efforts being firstly diverted to the patient’s safety and infection control on premises, reduced staff, and prolonged clinical visits. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you